Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions contain information about ‘Madenrust Lifestyle LLP’, the service we provide to you and the agreement we have between us. Please read them carefully. We may change them from time to time without prior notice or reason. 'Madenrust Lifestyle LLP. (hereinafter referred to as "’Hob India’”, "we”, "us”, "our” or "ours”) is a company incorporated in India, with our registered office at # 601, 6th Floor, D-Block, Alpine Pyramid Appt., Sahakara Nagar, 560092 Bangalore, India. 'Hob India' provides saloon service at your home that serve the Customers who have Jobs that they want completed with specialist from our team to undertake those Jobs. Collectively these Jobs are the Services, and the Services may be available through www.hobindia.in, other websites and mobile applications. By using Services you are confirming you have read these Terms and Conditions ("Terms”) and agree to be bound by them when you become a registered User of the Services and for as long as you continue to make use of them. These terms govern your access to and use of the Services and constitute a legally binding agreement between you and 'Hob India'. If you do not agree to these Terms, you may not use the Website or the mobile applications.

Key Terms

"Account" means registering with 'Hob India' by providing certain mandatory and voluntary information. "'Hob India' Content” means all content that 'Hob India' makes available through the website or mobile applications, including 3rd party content, but excluding User Content. "Business Account" means a User account in which business information, such as company registration and GST details are provided. "Referral Fee" means the money that is earned by 'Hob India' for introducing Customers payable by the Hob India. "Dispute" means a disagreement between the Customer and Hob India specialist that a Job has been satisfactorily completed. "Job" means the work requested by the Customer. "Payment Service" means any payment providers. "Promocode" means an offer by way of a one time use discount code that the Customer enters into the app. "Services" means the Jobs that are posted by the Customers and responded to by Hob India. "User" means an individual that completes the 'Hob India' registration process. Such a user may be a Customer. "User Content" means information that a User provides about themselves, their profile or the details of a Job. These Key Terms will have the same meaning if they appear in the singular, plural, masculine or feminine or as the context requires.

Eligibility and Responsibility

You must be 18 years old or older to use the 'Hob India' web apps to Post Jobs, and we may ask for proof of age before you can register. We reserve the right to refuse to provide the Services to any individual, business or other entity at any time without explanation. Whilst 'Hob India' takes reasonable care in screening saff, you are solely responsible for taking appropriate safety precautions in connection with your use of the Services.

Use of the Services

As a User of the Services you agree to the following:

  • To register and create an account for your personal or business use only. You may not authorise others to use your account and you may not assign or transfer your account to any other person or entity. You may register only one account. You are responsible for keeping any registration details confidential including your password. You acknowledge that 'Hob India' is not responsible for any third party access to your account and the consequences thereof, howsoever caused.
  • You assume all risk when using the Services, including, but not limited to, any risks associated with interacting with other people. You acknowledge that 'Hob India' is not able to guarantee the accuracy of information provided to you by other people and that you should confirm such information to your own satisfaction before you engage with them.
  • 'HOB India' will assign a Posted Job to a Service Provider who we consider best able to do the Job. The Service Provider may accept or reject the Job. We do not guarantee that a Customer will receive a response to a posted Job or that responses meet the requirements a Customer has specified. Nor do we guarantee to Service Providers that they will be offered Jobs.
  • 'HOB India' reserves the right, but is not under any obligation, to monitor information that is submitted to the mobile apps and to remove such information or material that in our sole opinion violates any applicable law, either the letter or spirit of this Agreement, or upon the request of a third party.
  • You will not use the Services, or engage in any activity on the 'HOB India' website and/or mobile applications, in any way that:
    • Violates any local, national or other laws or regulations or any order of a court of relevant jurisdiction;
    • Uses any software, devices, scripts, robots or other means to access, scrape, crawl or spider any web pages or other of the Services;
    • Uses the 'HOB India' website and/or mobile applications for any commercial or other purposes that are not permitted in these Terms;
    • Infringes the rights of any person or entity, including their intellectual property, copyright, privacy or contractual rights;
    • Distributes unsolicited material or advertisements;
    • Is intended to harass, annoy, threaten or intimate any other Users;
    • Promotes racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm of any kind;
    • Is defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, profane, offensive, sexually explicit or otherwise objectionable;
    • Contains video, audio, photographs or images of another person without their permission (or in the case of a minor, the permission of the minor’s legal guardian);
    • Promotes or enables illegal or unlawful activities;
    • Is intended to deceive, defraud or swindle other Users of the Services;
    • Is intended to damage or interfere with the operation of the Services, including but not limited to the introduction of viruses, time-bombs, Trojan horses, cancelbots, worms, or other harmful or disruptive codes, components or devices;
    • Promotes, supports or solicits involvement in a political platform, religion, cult or sect;
    • Is in any way used in connection with spamming, spimming, phishing, trolling or any similar activities.

Account and Registration

In order to Post a Job or be assigned a Job that has been posted you must register and create an Account with 'HOB India'. This is done directly with the 'HOB India' mobile app. The Customer app is available for free download from the Apple and Android app stores. The Service Provider app is distributed at our sole discretion during Service Provider On-Boarding.   It is possible to register with 'HOB India' using login information with other third party social networking sites including, but not limited to Facebook. If you use Facebook or other third party social networking sites you warrant that you are entitled to disclose to 'HOB India' your third party login information without breach of the terms and conditions of the third party site. By granting 'HOB India' access to your third party account you acknowledge that 'HOB India' will access certain information and may store and use this information. When you create an Account with 'HOB India' we ask you to provide information about yourself, including payment information. You warrant that the information you provide is true, that it relates to you and is entirely accurate. We may, at our sole discretion, take steps to validate any identification, payment or other information you provide to 'HOB India'. We may use third party agencies to undertake this validation, and in accepting these Terms you accept 'HOB India' may take such steps to confirm your identity and other details you provide. We may reject the creation of an Account at our absolute discretion. When you register as a 'HOB India' Service Provider we will ask you for more information, which may include ID, proof of address, professional registration certificate copies and right to work in the UK. We may ask you for evidence that you hold public liability insurance. It is a condition of the use of 'HOB India' that you provide us with your mobile phone number.


The 'HOB India' app functions on Android and iOS based smartphones operating systems as announced from time to time. As a 'HOB India' Service Provider you must operate a smartphone on a monthly contract with sufficient monthly or unlimited data connection. You must agree to receive notifications and for location services to be on continuously.

Self Employment

'HOB India' Service Providers are self employed and are solely responsible for the quality and outcome of the work they do. 'HOB India' acts as an agent to introduce the Parties and disclaims any liability in the Services that are provided. As a 'HOB India' Service Provider you are responsible for your own Tax affairs.


'HOB India' takes reasonable steps to On-Board Service Providers who are experienced in the Services they provide. We check ID, proof of address and right to work and take reasonable steps to determine experience, which may include reference checking. The Parties may review each other at the end of a Job and these reviews may be available to provide assurance. 'HOB India' does not accept liability on the suitability of the Service Provider to do Jobs or the quality of the outcome and the Parties must determine for themselves if they want to engage.

Doing Jobs

As a 'HOB India' Customer you can create a Job. The Job will include a description, location and a price that is predetermined by 'HOB India', either per hour or per job. You may also upload photographs relating to the Job and in so doing you agree not to submit photographs that are likely to offend. 'HOB India' will assign a Service Provider to the Job and will respond back with a Service Provider quote, information normally within one hour. We provide an estimate of the arrival time at the time confirming the customer order; this time is indicative and may vary.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel a Job anytime, after the given period displayed on the applications or website the minimum fee will be charged, if cancelled within grace period displayed no fee will be due. If our professionals arrive at the job location and are unable to contact you or gain access to the job location they will message and attempt to contact you for 10 mins, after which you will be charged the minimum fee and the job will be cancelled.

Service Provider – Responding to Jobs

As a 'HOB India' Service Provider you will be assigned Jobs that have been Posted by Customers when you are online and available for work. You must accept or reject a Job within 15 minutes or the Job may be assigned to another Service Provider. If you continually reject Jobs after going online we may cancel your registration. You warrant that in accepting a Job you will complete the Job as specified, to the standards and timescales agreed with the Customer.


Most cases 'HOB India' collects a referral fee/Subscription from the Service Provider, which is not a percentage of the price of the Job and may vary for different services time to time at 'HOB India's sole discretion. 'HOB India' reserves the right to change prices at any time.


If during a Job a Service Provider incurs additional expenses directly relating to a Job, for example a handyman purchasing an item to complete a plumbing job, the Service Provider will ask the Customer to pay for such expenses in cash on the production of a valid receipt. This policy however does not apply to cleaning products. Service Providers are expected to supply all their cleaning products. Customers however are expected to supply the cleaning Service Providers with a mop and vacuum cleaner.


Once a Job is completed payments are made to Service Provider, most cases the payment would be as per the quote they provided. However if there are any additional charges due to nature of the work. Service provider and Customer would agree for the extra work and charges. 'HOB India' is not liable and will not get involved in any work/payment disputes. However would help the customer and service provider by mediating to settle the issue. Service Provide is solely responsible to collect agreed payments from the customer in their own pre-agreed payment terms by both parties. 'HOB India' is not responsible for any non-payment/overpayment/underpayment disputes between customer and Service provider and disclaims any liability. 'HOB India' does not accept cash payments. 'HOB India' reserves the right not to accept certain payment cards including, but not limited to, pre-payment cards. Service Providers must make agreed referral fee payment to 'HOB India' prior to assigning the job.


As a Service Provider, you agree that you are responsible for your own accounting and tax affairs and that you will hold 'HOB India' entirely harmless from any claims from HMRC or any other statutory body.

Payment Services

'HOB India' may use Payment Services at our complete discretion to facilitate payment card processing. 'HOB India' will ensure that the Payment Services comply with such financial and other relevant regulations but will not be responsible for the performance of the Payment Services. 'HOB India' does not directly hold payment card information. 'HOB India' will be responsible for paying the fees charged by the Payment Services.

Disputes and Dispute Resolution

If the Customer is not satisfied that the Service Provider has completed the Job to the performance and/or quality the Customer may reasonably expect, the Parties may enter into a Dispute. The Parties may also enter into a Dispute if the Service Provider is not satisfied the Customer has correctly described the Job to be done. The parties may only enter a Dispute within 14 days of the Job completion date. In the event of a Dispute the Parties hereby agree to negotiate a settlement in good faith and hereby recognise that the responsibility for reaching a mutually agreed settlement lies between them. If the Parties cannot reach resolution between themselves it will be escalated to 'HOB India' and we will offer a recommendation for settlement of the Dispute. 'HOB India' will request information to be provided by both Service Provider and Customer and you agree to provide information that may be reasonably available to support 'HOB India' in proposing a resolution. The Parties are under no obligation to accept any recommendation from 'HOB India', which is not binding. In the event of any unresolved disputes ‘HOB India’ is not liable for any legal or civil challenges. In no event will 'HOB India' incur costs from the customer or service provider for the Job. 'HOB India' reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to terminate the account of a User who it deems is entering into an excessive number of Disputes.

Loss or Damage

If the Customer suffers loss or damage to their property and attributes the loss or damage to a Service Provider, in the first instance the Parties should try to resolve between themselves, which 'HOB India' may facilitate. 'HOB India' will initiate a claims procedure if the loss or damage is reported to us and may take further action including reporting the matter to the police. The absolute limit on any damage claim that we accept on behalf of the Service Provider is £25.

Recommendations and Reviews

Customers are encouraged to offer reviews for Hob India each time a Job is completed. You agree to provide a prompt review that is true and fully reflects your experience with the our Staff with who you have engaged.

'HOB India' reserves the right to terminate the Accounts of Users who repeatedly receive poor reviews.

Promocodes and Vouchers

'HOB India' may at our discretion issue a Promocode (or Voucher) to a Customer offering a discount from the total price of a Job. Such Promocodes are one time usage codes, have a finite expiry date and may only be applied one code per job. If the full value of a Promocode is not used in a Job the residual unused value will be lost. A Promocode may be withdrawn at anytime at our sole discretion. Only one promocode may be used per household/business. In order for the Promocode to be applied to a Job it must be entered into the app before the completion of a Job. If the Customer has entered more than one Promocode into the app the highest value unexpired code will be redeemed first, one per Job. We may enter into agreements with third party companies where Promocodes are purchased by Customers at discounted prices. In such a case the sale agreement is between the Customer and the third party company and all issues relating to the redemption of the Promocode need to be addressed with the third party company. 'HOB India' disclaims any liability in this regard. When entering a Promocode the Customer will receive a message that it has been successfully entered. At 'HOB India' discretion we may or may not provide any further information about a Promocode and we do not guarantee a Promocode may be applied to any particular Job. As a Service Provider you will earn the full price of the Job as if the Promocode were not applied, minus 'HOB India'’s referral fee..


'HOB India' Service Providers warranty the Jobs they do for seven days. 'HOB India' offers no additional warranty.

Private Engagement

'HOB India' Service Providers are assigned to Jobs on the basis of availability and location. A Customer may not be assigned the same Service Provider each time they Post a Job. As a Customer you agree not to privately offer jobs to Service Providers you have previously engaged with through 'HOB India'. As a Service Provider you agree not to accept or solicit for jobs that are offered to you by Customers you have previously worked for through 'HOB India'. 'HOB India' reserves the right to terminate the Accounts of Users who enter into private engagements.

Cancellation of Your 'HOB India' Account

You may cancel your 'HOB India' account at any time by giving us notice at admin@hobindia.in. Unless otherwise stated herein, all 'HOB India' Services will be cancelled within seven (7) days of receipt of notice from you.

Reporting Misconduct

If you engage with another User who you feel has acted in an inappropriate way towards you, including but not limited to offensive, violent or sexually inappropriate behaviour you should immediately make a report to the appropriate authorities and then to 'HOB India' at admin@hobindia.in quoting the filing report number and location. Your report may cause us to investigate such behaviour but we are not obligated to take action beyond that which is required by law, and we will not incur any additional liability or expense.

Your Confidential Information

'HOB India' Ltd. strictly follow data protection act and information Governance policies are in place to safeguard confidential information. We respect the confidentiality of the information you give us. We never pass on any information about our Users to third party organisations, unless we are compelled to do so by law.

Trademarks and Copyright

The 'HOB India' logo, shield etc. are registered trademarks of 'HOB India'. 'HOB India' respects trademark and copyright law and we expect our Users to do the same.

General Conditions

Any notice to be given by the User under these Terms may be delivered by email to admin@hobindia.in.